Make Your Dream of a Blog Come True in 2017

14 Nov , 2017 Blog

For anyone that wants to start a blog but can never find the time, now is the perfect opportunity to figure out the best route to take. Consider this how to start a blog 101.

how to start a blog 101

Set Goals

If there has been something specific holding you back, then it is a good idea to set specific goals in order to avoid that same hold up. Start by determining what a reasonable time line would be. If you happen to be very busy at work, you might only get one day a week – or one day a month – to work on your blog. This is not the moneymaking success time line, but it is your personal time line for success, so go with it.

Start Building a Mailing List

A mailing list is the key. The key to what? The key to encouraging traffic and also the potential for making sales. People who sign up for your list like what you say and want to know more. Use that to your advantage. Remind them that you are out there, that the blog is getting new content. Engage them and make them want to spend money on the services or educational materials you have to share.

Spend Money to Make Money

Promoting is important when you are starting out, and that will mean money out of your pocket. It may not seem that logical, but it does make sense when you consider that you need to stand out. When there is a lot of noise, the loudest sound gets attention. When you want to stand out in the blogging world, you have to spend some money to promote posts and get the attention that you deserve. In time, that blog and the approach to promotion will pay you back.

Remember What Works

Long content is something that a lot of current blogs avoid like the plague. However, if you have a lot of important information to share or a story that needs to be told, the long content will garner the right amount of attention just like a short post would.

Consider your options and the amount of content needed to reach the reader and give them everything they need. From there, you can get a better idea of whether a short post or long content (1,000 words and above) is going to be the answer.

Knowing How to start a blog 101 tips can make a difference in you putting off your goals until next year and in you finding success this year. You may need the extra money, or you may simply be hoping to find like-minded people to share your joy of a hobby. Either way, that goal is going to push you to succeed. These steps can make the difference in a disorganized attempt that you give up mid-way and the ultimate creation of a successful blog. Give yourself the chance to finish a goal you set and make something of the process.