Key Cabinets for Organizational Needs

22 Aug , 2017 Key Cabinet

If you’re someone with a lot of keys, you may have a hard time keeping track of them. It gets especially bad if you have multiple sets of keys at your home or workplace. What can you do in order to better organize your keys? How can you make sure that the sets of keys that you have don’t get mixed up with one another? One of the best ways for you to do this is installing a key cabinet.

Key cabinets don’t always come to mind because they can be quite large. Thankfully, there are smaller models that you can use in your home as well. If you’ve never seen or heard of a key cabinet, they’re fairly simple. They have multiple hooks inside of them, and space between each of the hooks so that you can hang your keys. Some of them even have spots that you can put labels. Those are handy if the key cabinet is at your workplace, because then you can label where each set of keys go and not spend an hour trying to determine which set you are supposed to take.

Key cabinets are also fairly simple to make; if you start with a normal hanging cabinet (you can easily build one if you’re a handy man too), you just need to get a few inexpensive things. Get some small hooks from a hardware store and hot glue them or screw them in (depending on the style of hook you got). Leave space for labels; even consider putting labels in during the building process. Fix the wood or metal up so that it looks nice, hang it on the wall, and you’re done. If you have to deal with multiple sets of keys on a regular basis, investing in a key cabinet may be a good idea.